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<p>Experience the tranquility of the road</p>

Experience the tranquility of the road

<p>Safety and high quality products</p>

Safety and high quality products

About Arian Imen Company

We thank God to give us the chance of serving people.

Arian Imen Cycle Mehr Company of Qom has established in 2015 as the first manufacturer of helmet in Qom and this company has received the permit of using standard mark from the institute of Iran industrial research and standard in 2017.

Now, this company using experienced and skilled personnel being obliged to national standard and new techniques of producing is considered as the best manufacturer of standard motorcycle helmet with varied colour and model in Iran. Now, this company provides helmet for big factories manufacturing motorcycle and other agencies around Iran.

  • Quality and service guarantee
  • Provide superior products
  • Has a standard logo
  • The best helmet manufacturer

Essential tips

The importance of wearing a Helmet

According to studies,the head and brain is most vulnerable to injury in a motorcycle accident, which necessitates the definitive use of helmets.

How to properly fit a helmet

To adjust the chin strap, first remove the protective strap from the retaining Buckle and then tighten the strap as much as necessary to make sure the helmet doesn't rock side to side.

Riding safe with a Helmet

Motorcycle riders are effective about 40% of accidents. Impact on the skull and head and neck injuries are the most important causes of motorcycle death in injuries from driving accidents.

Sabrina Company , Manufacturer of motorcycle helmets

We give meaning to safety

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Sabrina products

Sabrina products

Sabrina products

Sabrina products

Sabrina products

Sabrina products

Helmet manufacturer for motorcycle manufacturing plants

standard mark of the National Iranian Standards Organization